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Bar is grayed out and the box is not available to be clicked, then the camera is a manual focus or fixed focus webcam. With a manual focus webcam you will need to turn the silver bezel on the front to manually adjust the focus, fixed focus webcams cannot have the focal distance changed. If this does not work, unfortunately this system may not have access to the driver package for this webcam due to the lack of support from Microsoft.

These aspects can be broken down to readout speed, readout rate, readout time and how much of the sensor is used for imaging. The Camera app may ask for your permission to access the webcam before it displays the camera’s feed. This camera online helps easy to test if it works properly.

Step 7

Read noise will be stated on the camera datasheet, certificate of performance, or other information provided with the camera. Repeat this process with 10ms, 20ms, and 40ms exposure times to check that the gain is consistent across varying light levels. Calculate the difference between the two images by selecting Image Calculator from the Analyze menu. When the amount of light entering a camera is linearly increased, the response of the camera in grey levels should also linearly increase. The gain represents the quantization process as the light incident on the detector is processed and quantified.

  • Webcam testing is essential to ensure a seamless video recording or live video chat.
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  • A high-quality camera will be designed so that the linear full well capacity fills the full 12-, 14- or 16-bit dynamic range so no signal is lost.

It comes with a motion detection feature and will email the owner if there is activity in front of the webcam. The software also adds another layer of security with password protection. This program allows you to record multiple sources, enabling picture-in-picture or side-by-side displays. You can efficiently utilize Logitech Capture as your camera source while streaming to Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook Live via OBS Studio.

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Sites like these are among the easiest ways to record video from your webcam online. You can also do all that automatically by getting driver updating software that checks your computer for missing and out-of-date drivers. We recommendDriverBoosteras we have never had any issues with them. If you saw the live video coming from your webcam then your webcam is functioning properly. All tests are performed on your computer and we do not save the webcam video and audio. Click test settings and a bar underneath the video will appear.


One million pixels are collectively known Webcam test – Check camera online as a megapixel. That means that a 12MP mobile photo was taken using a phone camera sensor that has 12 million photosites/pixels (e.g. 4000px X 3000px). The total number of megapixels a camera has is known as the resolution. Plug the webcam USB cable into the USB port of the computer. The computer should recognize the new device attached to the computer. Place the webcam installation CD into the optical drive of the computer and then wait for the installer to launch automatically.